How to speed up loading of the blog

How to speed up loading of the blog

How to speed up loading of the blog - blog Loading very influence the position of your site or blog in the search engines, because with the loading of the old blog so that visitors will not taste linger long in your blog and so then your traffic will decline drastically just because of loading. Most beginner bloggers only concerned with the beauty of the appearance but not the thought of lightening his blog.

Indeed if it looks like a wonderful taste in perspective but if it looks beautiful but loadingnya slow right is useless anyway. So that the views and concerns of the blog should be balanced and should not walk there who preceded as well as reduce. If your blog has the look of simple, beautiful and have a fast loading itself will increase blog traffic.

The cause of the slow loading blog there is some kemungkinanan, perhaps because of the large size of the image or script the configuration is not appropriate. If you don't know how to ease the loading of the blog is therefore advisable to read until

1. Compress CSS and Javascript

We used guanakan CSS for styling/embellish the look of the blog, for example we use css to beautify the look of buttons. But with multiply display using css then it ever affect the loading of your Blog, you can use as much css number however wear kompress css/shrink/abbreviated with css script so you put in Your blog template not very much and so Did then we can reduce the loading of the Blog. Make it a habit after getting his css code then it should direct You to compress and compress after that can be inserted into the template.

Java Script has a function that is not much different from css to beautify the look of the blog becomes more interactive and dynamic, if we talk about Java Script then does away with css because Java Script is responsible for helping the css code so it can display more detailed and interactive but also excessive use of Java Script tidakn Wid a good thing because it will affect the performance of the blog as a result of Loading the Blog will slow down and continued to wane as starving the snail. In a way it is required/obliged to mengompress the same as Java Script code like css code.

2. Reduce Widget

The use of this widget is also highly influential on blog performance, since more widgets used in the blog page the process again to load the widget and widget with then Loading the Blog will be long anyway. It also uses widgets that you think is very important and useful for visitors. Do not use a widget that you think are important but according to visitors is less important, such as the Alexa ranking Widget, Blog stats, Page View, and so on according to the visitor it is not important. Should such a widget quickly removed from the pages of your blog because the widget is not very useful. Widget Alexa rank is not very useful because we can install it without any mengecak our alexa ranking in google, the blog Stats Widget and page views is also not important because in our blogger Dashboard can be found so that the widget is installed for what? If you want to install the widget archive, popular, and Recdent post you should use the display tab Multi as used on this blog, because by using the Multi tab display widget for the third is minimized to 1 column.

3. Minimize the number of posts on the Homepage

Maybe some of you will not do this because according to You by posting on the main page to reproduce so visitors will be easier to navigate to an existing article on the main page, but with the expanded post on the main page of the site alias is very influential on the performance of karna with many blog posts on the homepage then the process to load images and pages will post later what else if your template uses grid-type would be very dangerous because the templte type grid displays the cover picture than with the template normally therefore if you are a user of the grid template should reduce the number of posts on Your hompage and preferably if user grid template you show 4-6 posts on the main page did not get more.

4. use a plain color on the background Template

Avoid using images as the background of your blog as it will affect the performance of a bit on his blog, though just a little bit if we could menghematnya go wrong?. If the template You are using an image as the background image should be removed and replaced with your favorite colors, so your blog will be a little faster than usual.

5. Reduces ad impressions on the Blog

It was a very influential advertising income, if our blog doesn't sell products, services, or others then we will continue to rely on advertising new ad appears on the blog but it is worth it you know, excessive advertising on blogs will affect the loading of the Blog so that use ads that you think most of their income and if banner ads shaped then customize advertising to see responsive we recommend that if you rely on ads using ads Pop up kind of karna iklah type appears not too influential on blog performance comparison-shaped banner ads, because if we wear a banner ad auto-shaped banner or display pictures and so forth as we access the blog image loading process will then again so I recommend using the type of iklah to Pop Up to relieve your blog page.

6. Limiting the use of shared keys

Share button is very important for a blog, but behind that share button overload can reduce the performance of the blog. I recommend using the share button for use of social media that matters is important or that you think has potential for great traffic, such as facebook, Twitter, G +, kaskus etc.

7. Add the Lazyload Script

LazyLoad script function to facilitate the Loading of the blog but if you just add this script but does not implement the steps above else the result is the same. I recommend the above measures which are used to apply and if it then install this script he above code </head>
<script charset='utf-8' src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/><script charset='utf-8' type='text/javascript'>$(function() {
$(&quot;img&quot;).lazyload({placeholder :
: 200});